I don’t know

but I do know that I wasn’t real big on the condescending attitude he took with that kid from the Motley Fool last week. I do agree the kid mentioned Dave’s name in his article to get more attention to his article, but I did not like the tone Dave used with the kid whatsoever. I don’t know what the deal is with some people. He’s reminding me a lot of how Oprah became once she became big and famous. I’m still a fan, and he’s helped my family enormously, but he at times seems a bit higher handed to me. I liked the simple, folksy Dave from the past a lot more. I still listen to him daily, but he’s just not the same Dave as he had been when I first started listening to him.

They haven’t said for certain what it is yet

they are doing a series of daily releases about it –the notice of this change was in my email box today. I wonder if Dave is going to be less hands on.
I know that the speaking engagements this year are being mainly handled by his daughter, Rachael and some guy who has worked for him for a while. I heard that on his talk show yesterday. Now they say there are changing his show in a whole new way.
Keisha, since you are suppose to go see him later this year have you heard anything about changes?

I hope you don’t mind a cross post

We are getting a new kitchen and the demo has begun this afternoon. My dbil (married to dh’s sister) is here with his helper. They and dh are working on getting out the old cabinets and counter tops. So far so good. They have one long upper out and are getting out the lower one under it now. They will work till they get too tired or till they run into a problem, I guess. Dh is doing a lot of supervising to make sure things that need to remain intact and undamaged are left that way. dd and I are staying out of the way. LOL Dbil has been doing this a few months, it’s been his new career for the last few months so he has some tools that dh didn’t have. He is also younger by about 15 years. Lots of grunts and ‘ahhh’, ‘ahhh’ with the force of knocking stuff out. I am just worried the wood floor and tile that is supposed to remain will get messed up somehow! There are saws, sledge hammers, and other unknown (to me) tools being used.

The new cabinets have been ordered and are scheduled to be done mid-week. The sink we ordered is in … it is at the cabinet makers because he needed it to make sure the base was sturdy enough to hold it. The sink is marble and weighs well over 100 lbs., about 125 I think. With the crating for shipment it was over 300 lbs.

The sink will get delivered to the granite fabricator. The granite been chosen and is in stock, put to the side for us at the granite store. The granite fabricator will come measure with a laser after the new cabinets are installed.

Now they have the double oven out—on a cart. Dh is trying to “unwire” it so they can move it to the garage. When I went to do a little sweeping I realized they knocked a chunk out of a piece of flooring tile. This happened when they were getting the lower cabinet out. I guess dh will figure out a way to replace/repair the tiles when all the lower cabinets are out.

Fortunately since we have followed Dave Ramsey’s advice this is all being done for cash. No financing, no credit cards, not even 0% interest anything. It is not easy going through the demo and construction but knowing we won’t be making payments makes it easier.

This is the first time we have had a kitchen redone by our own choosing. (One time we had to redo one due to a very small amount of damage due to a grease fire.) We are reusing our stove top, microwave/vent, and oven. They were replaced under 2 years ago when we moved to this house. They are still in very good condition and work properly. It saved us several $1000 to keep them and reuse them. We have replaced the fridge and are currently using it. We have bought a new dishwasher and will install it after the cabinets go in. Both were bought on a very good sale at Sears, then another 15% off. We bought the sink online and it is more beautiful than I imagined.

Well, tbh, my “first car” was $2400, so I guess it averaged out!

It’s a 4cyl so the gas mileage isn’t bad. I don’t think there is such a thing as “cheap insurance” with a teen! We did compare it with a small SUV we were thinking about, and it was $5/month more than the SUV on insurance. I expect it to go up a lot more when he gets his license!!!
Ashley in TN.
I bet your son was excited! I with you I don’t my sons first car to be a $300. Safety, cheap on insurance and good on gas are my requirements.

A few weeks ago, we bought our son his first car

We paid cash for it (yay!) and it needed some body-work done (one wheel was about to fall off!) and we just got it out of the shop on Thursday. It cost almost as much as the car did! But it’s safe and ready to go. So our snowball hasn’t moved in a while, saving up for this. All in all, it was a little over $3k. My hubs thinks that’s too much to spend on a first car, because his “first car cost $300″… yeah, yeah, yeah. His dad was a mechanic, so he could fix a $300 car. We don’t have those skills, so we had to spend a whopping $1600 on a first car.
So right now, we’re broke. Our bills are up to date, our emergency fund is funded but we don’t have much extra money. I’m going on a retreat next week and I don’t have money to spend on “extras”. But that’s ok. I still get to go on a retreat! whoo!