It’s another L-scheme with heavy involvement from Mark Yarn

a retired Nu Skin Blue Diamond who supposedly made $15 million in network marketing. The main flagship product, Bio-Choice, appears to have some decent science behind it. But I’m not qualified to judge. You’d have to download the medical studies from their web site and get a qualified doctor to tell you whether loading mother hens with certain biological substances would truly create the auto-immune reaction products in their eggs or not.

Jim Alford, a long-time friend of Charles Givens and an acquaintance of mine, gave me this “Success Plan” when he approached me about joining the Legacy for Life team:

Bio-Choice Success Plan
1. Order $325 Business System
2. Order 100 tapes for $25 plus tax and shipping
3. Share advertisements in USA Today for $40 per week
4. Follow up calls to leads and three way calls with Jim Alford
5. Keep it simple
6. Thursday
conference calls and Saturday morning training

Supposedly, this would generate the leads needed to build an organization quickly and get a decent income stream going. I remained skeptical and did not even bother trying the product, choosing instead to rely on cheap vitamins from The Vitamin Shoppe.

Before you do anything else, compare the benefits of the retail products to those available from much cheaper sources. Ask yourself whether you’d be willing to pay retail price for the products’ benefits, and whether anyone else would. You may have to try the retail products for a couple of months to see if they deliver their promised benefits.
Better to be a customer first than jump into some “business opportunity” that may not be worth a damn.

I hope this helps.