I should clarify that he DID send me pictures

He first texted them to me, but my little smartphone is so dinky that I could barely see them. I had to ask him to send them to me at my email address, and he sort of balked at that (since that would constitute him sending them twice). But he did send them. That was the beginning of “this guy is a little hard to work with.”

Driving over presents all sorts of logistical difficulties, which we’re debating. In the “pro’s” column, it would give me a chance to check the thing out in person, and pay in person if I like what I see. But in the “con’s” section, I’d be driving out there alone, in a truck which has had a number of breakdowns in the last year. Furthermore I’d be driving out to some old dusty ranch by myself, with just him and his gentleman’s honor that he’s not going to take advantage of the situation. Hate to put it in those terms, but let’s say other ladies in similar situations have regretted the assumption than nothing would go wrong. I could always go armed but that presents its own new set of pro’s and con’s. I’m just not sure I really feel comfortable with a trip like that. Let alone the logistics of my absence here for an overnight stay. Hence the motivation to find a way to do this remotely.

We’re going to make a price offer here in the next few days. We’ll see if we can even get past that point. He’s already said some things to indicate he will be tough to negotiate with. So it might all be a moot point if we can’t agree on a price. But assuming we do, I’ll tell him I’d like to make payment in X manner, and see what he says to that. After all, I’m trying to give him money for a piece of equipment which isn’t really in high demand. I can always say “never mind” and let him sweat out how much he wants that money. Make him step up a little.