I don’t know about others

but when we took FPU back in 2011, it was Salivan who inspired us. I guess we knew if he could overcome backruptcy, we could overcome our relatively small amount of debt, though it felt big to us at the moment. It wasn’t someone who worked for Salivan that inspired us. Plus if it wasn’t for Salivan, I’d have never heard of any of the speakers he has now anyway. Others have the same/similar message … hate debt, get rid of it, never use it again, tell your $$ what to do, etc. I had heard of others back then using this message, but it was Salivan who inspired us.
Same here. I may be taking his statement on this wrong, but to me it sounds like he is saying that in all economies we should expect 12% on just about any mutual fund. Dh & I do have some performing at that level but would like them all to be at that level. I just looked over ours and some of the returns look pitiful. It seems soem changes need to be made.