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Beyond frustrated!!

For the second time in a row, my husband’s work has messed up on his paycheck. This time they shorted him two hours. They act like messing up paychecks is not a big deal. Really?! I bet if it was their check they’d be worked their butts off to solve this problem.

My plan was to start funding out new Roth IRA with this paycheck, but that can’t happen now. Couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Hey all

We’ve been doing Financial Peace Jr with our son, and we decided to budget for and purchase the kit for it. My niece is visiting for the week, so I made a horrible photocopy of my son’s chore chart, and we did chores through the week, and today we went to the dollar store. She loved it!
Her family is pretty horrible with money, and she fights doing chores. I’ve tried to get my brother to do FPU or even read the book, but while he’s vaguely interested, his wife is not. I’ve tried to find any way to get the stuff into their house.
So now my niece is excited to do chores, and has asked to have all the exact same stuff my son does so they can match! (She’s five. It’s SO COOL to match.) My brother heard about it and asked me straight out if she could get some of the stuff to bring home.
So I went out to get her one. NO ONE has it. And apparently they re-did the whole thing and nothing looks like the set my son has. They’ve even gone so far as to remove listings of the old version from and ebay and amazon used so I can’t find it online.
SO, here’s my question: Do any of you know where I can get a copy of the box set of FP Jr. in the previous (2003?) version? Anyone know anyone who tried it and doesn’t want it? (And please don’t encourage me to make my own; the point here is that matching my son’s set is a motivator.)

It’s both the strength and the weakness of Salivan’s approach

By keeping his program very simple and very very strict, he is able to provide a lot of moral support to folks who have trouble sticking to a plan. But at the same time this rigidity gives him very limited ability to fine-tune the plan for specific circumstances (although occasionally on the show he bends a wee bit) and he seems to be unable to ever admit that he’s wrong, at least not in the last two decades. And I agree that sometimes he is harsh with callers, to the point that I sometimes think he’s missed the point of the caller’s question.

The Motley Fool folks are completely right that planning for 12% growth is unrealistic. Warren Buffet puts the figure closer to 7%, and the closer you are to retirement the less likely you are to see double-digit growth. And of course there’s an element of luck – in hindsight it’s easy to pick the highest-growth mutual funds but looking forward, all you can do is pick funds with a good track record. I would definitely not stop saving as soon as a 12% growth rate would cover my retirement! (not that I’m getting even there, yet)

On the plus side, *nobody* says to *stop* saving for retirement, so that’s where all the plans come together.