Monthly Archives: February 2016

A few weeks ago, we bought our son his first car

We paid cash for it (yay!) and it needed some body-work done (one wheel was about to fall off!) and we just got it out of the shop on Thursday. It cost almost as much as the car did! But it’s safe and ready to go. So our snowball hasn’t moved in a while, saving up for this. All in all, it was a little over $3k. My hubs thinks that’s too much to spend on a first car, because his “first car cost $300″… yeah, yeah, yeah. His dad was a mechanic, so he could fix a $300 car. We don’t have those skills, so we had to spend a whopping $1600 on a first car.
So right now, we’re broke. Our bills are up to date, our emergency fund is funded but we don’t have much extra money. I’m going on a retreat next week and I don’t have money to spend on “extras”. But that’s ok. I still get to go on a retreat! whoo!